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01 Март 2012
01 Март 2012
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Property M is an operating organisation which supplies quality services in the field of facility and property management. The company's aim is to provide efficient property management and increase the property's lifetime. In addition, it provides services for choosing tenants and for managing the necessary financial, legal and technical documentation.

Property M's mission: Reliable, quality and efficient provision of services in the field of facility and property management. The basis of the company's work lies in its strategic approach: quality service at reasonable prices.

Company goal: to be the leading property Management Company in the North West region, to develop technical and human resources, to expand the company's client base through providing management and operation services for different property types.

The company's every day business is aimed at increasing the range of services provided, taking clients' wishes into account. Today, Property M specialists can serve all types of technical equipment and utility systems, and are able to instantly solve planned and urgent tasks. The company's responsibilities include:

• logistic complexes
• production centres and other real estate facilities
• business centres

It should be noted that the Russian property market is becoming more European, more civilised. Successful developers are thinking more about how to manage effectively and how to extend the service life of their properties. Therefore, services such as facility and property management have become in greater demand. To optimise expenses and increase profits, companies hand this work over to specialists in this area. This means they free themselves of dealing with tasks which require resolving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Property M was established in order to deal with these tasks.

The guiding principles of Property M:

The company has a call centre which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All client calls are thoroughly and quickly processed. In addition, clients can check the progress of their request online.

Individual approach
Property M finds an individual approach for each client and creates a unique business solution for each site. The company uses all its resources to solve issues which arise, thereby conducting high quality and professional work. A distinguishing feature of Property M is its partnership relations with clients.

The guiding principle of Property M is financial transparency. This factor is appreciated by European clients but is also an important component of the functioning and efficient management of Property M, its competitiveness and also capitalisation increase.

System monitoring
Information on the condition of all systems of facilities controlled by the company is constantly monitored by state-of-the-art technology. In additional to a technical audit, the company regularly audits documents and the skills and knowledge of its employees.

High professionalism
Our services are provided by skilled personnel who are well proven and have all the necessary documentation and licences as well as extensive experience in the given field.

Integrated approach
Property M offers the whole range of services in the field of facility and property management.