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01 Март 2012
01 Март 2012
01 Январь 2012
01 Январь 2012
01 Ноябрь 2011

Property M has signed the contract with "CIC "Baltic Stroy" LLC on providing management services on the object" Plant "Izhora" and its infrastructure

Property M has become the Management Company of the "Plant" Izhora" located in Kolpino.

Rent holders of the Plant are such big companies as the company "Truck Empire", a supplier of American trucks, the company "FJ Group Russia Production", a manufacturer of bodies for cargo trucks, as well as CJSC "SOLID Company", a manufacturer of a wide range of metal products.

Property M will monitor the maintenance of engineering systems of the new Tecnical Gas Filling Station "Air Liquide"

The world leader for industry gases, the international corporation "Air Liquide" represented by the subsidiary company "North Liquid Gas" has signed the agreement with Property M on the operating of the Technical Gas Filling Station "Air Liquide" located in Kolpino.

The primary objective of the company Property M is the technical operation of the object with the total area 6 000 sq. m

In the beginning of this year Property M Company...

In the beginning of this year Property M Company settled a contract with AKM Logistics Company to service the AKM Logistics Warehouse Facility.