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01 Март 2012
01 Март 2012
01 Январь 2012
01 Январь 2012
01 Ноябрь 2011


Property M offers the following property management services:

- Selection of tenant
- Legal support 
- Compiling and management of technical and financial documentation 
- Work with tenants

By competently managing the property's infrastructure Property M helps clients to decrease costs on property management and thereby increase revenue from business. 


The company offers the following facility management services:

  1. Maintenance of building utility systems and equipment:

    - Power supply system
    - Ventilation and air conditioning system
    - heating system
    - Water supply system
    - Household and rain drainage systems
    - Fire safety and extinguishing systems
    - Control and management systems
    - Safety and access control management systems
    - Structural components of the building 

  2. Preventative measures and repair works 
  3. Warning of emergencies and their elimination 
  4. Round the clock monitoring of technical systems 

This work frees Property M clients from worrying about the building's technical service. Property M specialists serve utility systems of any complexity.


Professional cleaning:

- Daily cleaning of the property and surrounding territory
- Cleaning after construction
- General cleaning
- One-off work (cleaning after events etc.)

The most appropriate cleaning schedule is arranged with the client to avoid causing any inconvenience. Only professional materials which have the necessary certificates are used for cleaning.